Hartsdown Academy believes that every student has the right to come to school and receive a good education without the worry or fear of being bullied or intimidated.


We therefore aim to:

Silence and secrecy nurture bullying. Our ethos will encourage the views that speaking out about bullying is acceptable and admitting that one has been bullied is not weakness. Every student will know that they can approach a member of staff and that what they say will be taken seriously. Confidentiality cannot always be promised as students and staff must pass on matters that may have a Child Safeguarding concern.

As a part of our campaign against bullying we believe it is essential to equip students with the tools to make reporting incidents of bullying as easy as possible.


click on the SOS button to be taken to the site:

SOS is the pupil voice and safeguarding app trusted by over 15,000 teachers. This gives our students a discrete and confidential way to speak up about their concerns, no matter how big or small.

All of our students at Hartsdown has been given their log in details and can use the app to talk about a huge variety of incidents including bullying, cyberbullying, self-harm and mental health concerns.

The app gives our students a trusted way to disclose their concerns directly to specific members of staff when they feel they may be unable to do so face-to-face – they may not be confident enough to approach an adult or they may want to speak-up but they are at home, on a school trip or cannot access the right member of staff.


Anti-bullying ambassadors

As part of our campaign in the stand against bullying, we have recently appointed a team of Anti-bullying ambassadors who are truly passionate about helping others. Our ambassadors embody what it means to be a Hartsdown student. They have shown exceptional scholarship, teamwork, resilience, integrity and vision to help achieve excellence for all our students at Hartsdown.

Our Anti-bullying ambassadors are their as an additional support structure to students who are struggling with such issues. They are there to give other students a voice. They and are the driving force behind all of the work we do as a school to stamp out bullying. We are extremely proud of them and cannot wait to see what the future brings with these individuals working hard to achieve our shared goal.

The Bullying intervention group

We are currently working closely with the Bullying intervention group (BIG) to gain accreditation in their nationally recognised award for excellence in bullying intervention. We are working along side our anti bullying ambassadors to achieve a set of agreed criteria.

This award shows that our school takes bullying seriously enough to work towards accepted good practice. As part of our duties under the Equality Act we proactively monitor any form of bullying discrimination and work proactively to prevent it.