Careers at Hartdsown

Careers at Hartsdown is geared to supporting, encouraging and guiding our young people into assuming personal responsibility for their future i.e. Owning their career.

Pupils are encouraged to:

  • Realistically evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of personal development.
  • Gain an understanding of what personal qualities employers are looking for.
  • Explore their careers aspirations and test their individual suitability via computer based career assessment software.
  • Gain experience of the work place environment through a period of Work Experience.
  • Gain practical job search skills including CV writing and Interview Techniques.
  • Formulate a career strategy.

We deliver a comprehensive programme of activities, which includes presentations by representatives from successful companies, and is fully supported an extensive careers library, CBT assessment software and CBT tutorials, together with on-demand counselling and guidance from the Departmental staff.

All Hartsdown staff are responsible for CEG delivery – Specific responsibilities:

Role Responsibilities
Head of 6th Form (Ms Gipson) Leadership of CEIAG Programme
All aspects of HE admissions process
Head of Careers Co-ordiantion and management of CEIAG
Head of Years Delivery of careers programme via form tutors
Independent Careers Advisor Delivery of informal independent careers advice



Apprenticeships Explained, please click here for more information.