Head of Department

Mr Chris Cotter


Miss Kathy Dixon & Ms Goldsworthy



Year 7

Theme: Food & Faces

Discipline: Sculpture and Painting




Year 8

Theme: Sea & Air

Discipline: Ceramics & Print making



Year 9

Theme: Horror & Natural Forms

Discipline: Graphic Design & Jewellery



KS4 Exam Board and spec

Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Art & Design

Students will gain experience throughout the vocational course in using a wide range of materials, processes and techniques such as print making, photography, digital media and ceramics. The four units of work include 2D and 3D based projects as well an external practical exam and specific portfolio unit which enables students to prepare and apply for level 3 courses.

KS3 Resources

Throughout years 7, 8 and 9 there is a keen focus on students building confident observational drawing skills using a wide range of media to record from both primary and secondary sources for. The themes of the projects are based around research into contemporary, traditional and cultural art forms that act as inspiration for students to respond to creatively.

Student’s will have access to a variety of materials and equipment during their key stage 3 time, a new kiln and glazes give the opportunity to create decorative and 3D ceramic pieces. Papier-mâché and wire manipulation form the basis for experimental sculptures, and a vast amount of print making tools are available too.

KS4 Resources


Students taking the BTEC 1/Level 2 have the creative freedom to express their ideas and to produce individual final pieces within  the brief of the projects throughout the course, they will experience using media such as lino cutting, stencil making, CAD design, painting and ceramics to realise their creative intentions.

Year 10 Trip to CCCU

Year 10 students took part in an Art trip to Canterbury Christ Church University, all students represented Hartsdown perfectly and took part in the University tour and art workshop with real enthusiasm. The University reps commented on what a great group they were especially Kirsty's confidence and perceptive abilities with what turned out to be a very conceptual exhibition and workshop with a local artist.