Careers at Hartdsown


Charlotte Rigden is the Careers Leader for Hartsdown. She is an Assistant Headteacher Please email her for any enquires:

 Hartsdown is committed to a high quality careers program which ensures that students are well equipped to pursue their ambitions. Working in a deprived area we also seek to raise aspiration and to challenge low aspiration wherever it occurs. We do this through our enrichment program and by increasing opportunities for students to engage with higher education.

Throughout the 7 years of education at Hartsdown, students will be fully informed and equipped to enter an ever changing world of work. All students will have the skills, confidence and ability to excel throughout their career journey.

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Gatsby Benchmarks

 We have used the Gatsby indicators to design and monitor our careers programme and our self-assessment of these is ongoing to ensure that all students access all elements.

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

The Hartsdown Program

 We have identified 5 strands to our program which are delivered across student’s experience at Hartsdown.

  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with FE and HE
  • Personal Guidance
  • Work skills
    • Self aware
    • Organised
    • Self Assured
    • Good Communicator
    • Interview skills
    • CV development
    • Vision


Apprenticeships Explained, please click here for more information.

Apprenticeships Available


Adult Care Apprentice – KT&A2145 – Canterbury, click here for details.

Apprentice Social Media & Operations Assistant – KT&A2384 – Canterbury, click here for details.

Apprentice School Office Administrator – KT&A2439 – Canterbury, click here for more details.


Warehouse & Production Apprentice – KT&A2444 – Broadstairs, Click here for more details.

Apprentice Teaching Assistant – KT&A2463 – Broadstairs, click here for more details.


Business Development & Content Apprentice – Faversham, click here for details.

Apprentice Business Support Administrator (Equipment Hire) – KT&A2421 – Faversham, click here for details.

Business Support Administrator (Training Department) – KT&A2422 – Faversham, click here for details.


Apprentice Teaching Assistant – KT&A2456 – Herne Bay, click here for more details.


Digital Media Administrator – KT&A2344 – Manston, click here for details.


Apprentice Office Administrator – KT&A2375 – Ramsgate, click here for details.


Fostering Placements & Business Support Apprentice – KT&2460 – Whitstable, click here for details.


for more apprenticeship opportunities across Kent , click here for details.




RBLI Vocational Skills Courses

January – February 2019.

A number of queries have come in regarding availability for the RBLI skills based courses, here is a list of courses currently available.


Margate Functional Skills Maths Various over next 2 weeks 2-3 days a week, total 10 days
Margate Functional Skills English Various over next 2 weeks 2-3 days a week, total 10 days
Maidstone Customer Service 1 21/01/2019 5 days
Margate Warehousing L2 21/01/2019 15 days
Ashford Employability E3 28/01/2019 5 days
Ashford IT for beginners 04/02/2019 5 days
Maidstone IT L1 04/02/2019 15 days
Tonbridge Warehousing L2 18/02/2019 15 days
Margate Health & Social care L1 18/02/2019 15 days


A reminder of the eligibility:


  • Aged 16+
  • Unemployed and in receipt of benefits and able to provide evidence*
  • Can provide a Passport or Birth Certificate as ID
  • Can provide proof of address
  • Employed earning less than £15,736

*If not in receipt of benefits the learner must be aged 16-24, unemployed or inactive and be able to provide NEET evidence

NHS Success!

Tuesday 13th November 5.30-6.30pm – open to all parents and students.

NHS Success! inspires young people to seize control of their future and consider the wide range of over 350 different career possibilities available to them working in the NHS. It’s a fun and engaging presentation, which is also informative and inspirational

.Professional actors portray an array of characters in a healthcare environment ranging from the Royal Voluntary Service to Chief Surgeon. The central character, who hasn’t any real idea of the impact that the NHS could have on his/ her future either physically or career wise, gets to explore, with the audience, the fascinating and exciting world of healthcare.


Students and parents will:Learn about the variety of pathways and progression routes available in healthcare

  • Appreciate the variety of fulfilling and rewarding roles, for men and women, and that it’s not all just ‘doctors and nurses’ and highly qualified specialists
  • Realise a job in Healthcare offers training and real career progression
  • Understand that working in Healthcare can be exciting, with a great social aspect
  • Find out where to get help, support and more information to make better decisions for their future

UCA Easter School

Year 10 or 11

If you are planning on going to college or University to study a creative subject then the University of Creative Arts (UCA) has an amazing Easter school running, so you can start building up your portfolio.

The Easter Schools will run from Tuesday 3 April – Friday 6 April across all of their campuses.

As a partner school, Hartsdown Academy has been guaranteed three spaces for our students.

To find our further information about UCA's Easter Schools, and to apply for a place on one of our campuses, please click here. 

If you decide to apply, please let Miss Gipson, Mrs Rigden or your teacher know.