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R Stevens


L Bourlet, T Todd, K Pelczar, N Matigh, K Coppin, J Gipson, R Sandles, P Vik, I Howard, K Ralf, D Flondor



Year 7

September sees the start of the ‘White Rose’ mastery scheme at the school



Year 8




Year 9

Reward trip to Disneyland Paris in February 2018



KS4 Exam Board and spec

Edexcel 1MA1 Higher and Foundation Tier Maths (9-1)

OCR R449 Entry Level Certificate

KS3 Resources

Times Table Rockstars (coming September 2017)

Hegarty Maths (coming September 2017)

KS4 Resources


Hegarty Maths (coming September 2017)

PIXL Maths App

PIXL Maths App (PMA)

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APP for andriod and apple devices avaialable.

The maths department are excited to be introducing the pixl maths app, which can be downloaded onto phones and tablets free of charge, to aid with maths homework and revision for exams and support the work during lessons.

The app gives the students the access to a wealth of video examples and interactive questions which will enhance their understanding and support the progress of each individual. Students have been trialing this app throughout this term and feedback has been extremly positive. We have seen improvement in the engagment in lessons and homework where the app is involved.

Each student has a personal log on which tracks their progress across all the keys areas in mathematics. This gives each student individualised targets and focuses their learning on their own areas for development. The app is free to download and is available on all smartphones, tablets and pc's and only requires internet connection to download and log on.

The PiXl Maths App is designed around the concept of PLC’s, students identify and work on their own personal areas for development. They need to become successful at the skills they aren’t so good at for success in the exams.

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