Fought for Freedom Trip Report

On Friday 15 June, Mr Davies and Mrs Cavanagh took 18 Y9 students on a trip to the ‘Fought for Freedom’ Military Show at Quex Park, Birchington. The show is an annual event and this year it was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.
Pupils were treated as army recruits throughout the day and, on arrival, were put through their paces by Mr Baker who quickly drilled them in how to line up and march in time. Following on from this, pupils took part in a competition between the boys and girls, including teachers to see who could put on the soldiers’ puttees (a long strip of cloth wound spirally round the leg from ankle to knee for protection and support). This proved to be very competitive, with the girls eventually winning by 4 to 1!
In the next activity, pupils were shown a range of helmets from different countries, spanning the 20th century, which they took turns in arranging in chronological order. This was followed by a quiz to guess the correct date of various pieces of uniform. Finally, Mr Baker dressed some of the pupils in costume, these included a WWI nurse and a WW2 British and American soldier.
The next part of the day involved a visit to the ‘WWI British and German trenches’ which have been painstakingly recreated by Mr Baker and his Combined Ops team over the past 5 years. Here, pupils were able to get a sense of the horrendous living conditions experienced by soldiers of both sides during this time. This was enhanced by presentations from a German and British soldier who explained the day to day routine of a WWI soldier.
After lunch, pupils were taken on a tour of the event by Mr Baker which included a tour of a WWI Fire Station, talks by reenactors from the Military Police, Free French battalion, and their favourite, a German Paratrooper unit, where they got to handle very realistic replica weapons from the period.

Skills 30:30

Yesterday we saw 12 year 10 students and 6 year 12 students partake in a ‘speed networking’ formatted careers session. This consisted of 2 sessions which involved CV formatting and advice, interviewing techniques and advice on what businesses look for in potential employees. The second session involved visitors from 20 local businesses interviewing the students, all students impeccably represented the school and took some positive, productive and proactive learning material from this session.

This programme was used as an opportunity for students to gain some vital first hand experience as to what businesses are looking for and how to professionally cope and handle interview situations.

Well done to all students who were involved and managed to take away solid experience from this unique opportunity.

Mr Humphrey

Head of Year 10.

Polaroid Workshop

Year 10 Art and Film Studies students participated in a polaroid photography workshop. They photographed themselves, editing the polaroids so that the images were see through. They then mounted these on backgrounds they had created to reflect themselves. All work is going to be entered into the UCA Alternative Selfie competition and have the chance of winning an iPad. Thank you to UCA for coming in to run the workshop and provide students with ideas about future university options.

MoonWalk 2018

This week we are celebrating the amazing stamina of our 3 colleagues Mrs Wills, Mrs Bobbett and Mrs Attwood. They completed the 26.2 mile MoonWalk in London on Sunday in aid of Walk the Walk breast cancer charity. They have already raised well over £1000 but it would be great if they could raise more. Please use this link to donate:

Arcadia Day

Students attended an enrichment activity through Think Forward. The activity was an insight day into music and engineering industry which involved listening to numerous professionals who gave advice and guidance into careers within the sector.

Students represented the school brilliantly, showed good organisational skills by turning up to the event on time, as well as being kind and caring towards their peers. Student engaged with other schools well, asked positive questions and behaved to their best ability.

Staff were very proud of them and they developed and strengthened their ready for work skills. Brilliant effort and a very positive attitude to learning. Students took part in workshop creating stage props out of recycled tyres and mental, tried new vegan food, watched the rehearsal of Arcadia 10th Anniversary festival and used their geography skills locating their way around London.

Summer School

UCA are delighted to announce they are now accepting applications for their Summer School Programme 2018.  There are a range of residential and non-residential Summer Schools available across each of our four campuses. Students will need to fill in the application form to apply and if they are rewarded a place it is free of charge to attend. Summer Schools are aimed at Year 11 – Year 13 students. You can find more information here
This year they are offering:

4 – 6 July

Animation – Residential – Farnham
Ceramics & Textiles – Residential – Farnham
Illustration – Non-Residential – Farnham
Photography – Residential – Rochester
Product Design – Non-Residential – Rochester
Textiles – Non-Residential – Rochester
Bronze Art Award – Residential – Canterbury

11 – 13 July

Architecture – Residential – Canterbury
Fashion Business – Residential – Epsom
Graphic Design – Non-Residential – Canterbury
3D Design – Non-Residential – Farnham
Bronze Art Award – Residential – Rochester

30 July – 10 August

Silver Art Award – Non-Residential – Canterbury
Silver Art Award – Non-Residential – Rochester

Applications close on Monday 28th May at midnight, and they will confirm places by Friday 8th June.

As a KMPF / KaMCOP partner schools our students will be given priority on their 2018 Summer School programme.

Hartsdown’s Got Talent 26/04/18

A talent show hosted and organised by our year 11's for their course here at Hartsdown. Our students have created a show including students from lower years and also 6 formers, the theme will be glow in the dark so bring your torches.

Ticket are  £3:50 for adults and £2:50 for children and can be purchased at reception. 
The show will be held in the school hall and will be on the 26th of April from 6:30 to 8:30