Hartsdown Student Wins Photo Award

Jamie has developed (pardon the pun, non intended) an aptitude for Digital Photography, from the age of 4 he showed an interest and soon began taking pictures himself under direction, his talent began to show through and at 7 yrs old had his first pictures published, this lead to a succession of his work being published and a few months later to his first award. He has continued to strive to improve with great improvements each time, his work and talent was spotted by the local media in 2017 earlier this year which in turn lead to him being contacted by the BBC for Interview, this in turn lead to him being invited by the Master Photography Awards 2017 at Leicester in October. His work was high lighted and shown to some of the Top Photographers in their field not only in the UK but also around the World.

He received an Award from the MPA for "Inspirational Photography" and this has now opened the door way to a possible future career in the digital world. He specialises in Commercial and Documentary Photography and in his own words describes his work as "I view my photography as a  form of Art, in which I hope to inspire others to see the natural world we live in, through the eyes of youths today."

He wishes to pursue a career in Digital Media and has been invited to several VIP Events through the rest of 2017 and on into 2018.

IB Psychology Diploma

Psychology students tested their knowledge and skills by marking out the different areas of the brain on their peers.

The task was for students to study the anatomy of the brain then were tested on their memory by drawing on a shower cap on their partner.

ALL students did an amazing job, with having some giggles along the way.

Mrs Barber favourite quote from one student…."that's a really weird way of learning but I really did like it"


GCSE and A Level Results

Hartsdown students have achieved many well-earned successes in their GCSE results this year. Top performing students include:

Krista Kaminska with a 7 in English Language, A* in RE and As in both Core and Additional Science.

Mia Curran achieved a 6 in English Literature, English Language and Maths, A* in Performing Arts and RE and an A in Science.

David Coman achieved a 7 in Maths, 6 in English Language and three Bs, in Science Core and Additional, and Music.

Remi Wiorek gained a 6 in English Language and Maths and Bs in History, Science, Geography and RE.

In the 6th form Hartsdown Academy has again increased their performance in A-Level results, with an average grade of a Distinction for our Tech Level qualifications. The students and staff have all worked extremely hard which has resulted in some fantastic results.

Students Vicky Cox, Madison Bridger, Noah White and Chloe Williams all gained Distinction or higher in all of their qualifications.

Vicky will be going on to read Film, Media and Television Studies at the University of Arts in London after deferring for a year to complete a course in Photography.

Ben Philpott is also going to University to study Film with a Year Placement at University of Kent after gaining a Distinction* in both Music and Media Studies.

Chloe Williams is going onto Kent University to study  a degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. This summer she has been officiating in the World Para Championships and World Championships Athletics in London as one of the youngest officials in the team.

Other students are going onto study a range of subjects at University including: International Politics with Finance at Christ Church, Games Technology at Kingston and Professional Musicianship at BIMM, Brighton.

Students have also gained A grades in Arabic and Russian and Travel and Tourism students have achieved exceptionally well, with all students achieving Distinction *.

Hartsdown Academy is looking forward to the continuing development and success of its Sixth Form with the introduction of the International Baccalaureate next year.

Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard to gain success in a rapidly changing exams system. We are proud of their results and wish them all the best in the future.


Uniform Collection Information

New school uniform is now available for collection via the school office. 
The school office will be open from 10am – 2pm during the summer holiday.
You will be asked to sign to confirm that you have received the items and if you are the parent/carer of a new year 7 student we will require proof of id (for example something with your name on like a utility bill, bank statement or passport). 
If you are a student who already attends Hartsdown Academy you can collect and sign for your own uniform. 
For further information please contact the school on 01843 227957
To purchase additional school uniform please visit The Schoolwear Centre margate​.http://www.schoolwearcentre.net/search 


Hartsdown students had the privilege of being involved with Artgate at the Turner Contemporary where our school choir performed two astounding twenty minute sets. 
They were incredibly nervous but sounded fantastic and after they had sung, the organiser asked if students would step in to lead the procession to the Turner Contemporary.
Not only did our students accept the offer of leading the procession, they also sang the entire journey from Millmead to the seafront. 
Many people commented on how lovely it was to see our students getting involved and were impressed at how friendly, polite and enthusiastic they all were. 
To round off the event, the choir performed with other singers from the various events that had been taking place in the town.

The Hartsdown student choir have made such an impression that they have since been invited to perform at both Ramsgate and Margate carnivals.

International Students Bake Sale Raises over £100 for Cancer Research

This term international students of year 10 decided to continue the international department's splendid tradition of supporting their community by holding a charitable fundraising bake sale.  

The event was organised by a group of kind-hearted students from 9 countries, most of whom are new arrivals to the UK.  Their overall aim was to bring the school community together by raising awareness and funding for the Cancer Research charity.

There was an impressive variety of homemade international cakes and sweet baked goods on offer, including scrummy Koulourakia, Slovak Torty and Polish creamy Karpatka.  We would like to thank the cake-lovers who visited the stall, and we are pleased to announce that the sale raised an incredible £122. 

Specialist EAL Teacher Ms Sweeney said " It was lovely to see the school community integrated for another worthy cause,  special thanks to our international students who joined forces to produce and sell a variety of tasty international cakes and experience running a charitable event.  I am very proud that we have raised over £100 for the Cancer Research Children and Teens department." 

Thank you to all the students for their fantastic effort and to the staff who supervised the event.  

The students are already planning other charitable events and some of them have decided to become volunteers for Cancer Research. 

New Food Pod arrives!

Thanks to Independent Catering and the site team our new food pod has arrived. This will help ease the queue times.

Slideshow below.

Student Council Support World Fair Trade Day

As part of the student council’s continued involvement with community projects, Shona, Kathryn, Callum and Kane volunteered to help celebrate the World Fair Trade Day on Sunday 14 May at the Winter Gardens, Margate. They assisted with the promotion of fair trade highlighting its importance and taking on every task with cheerful willingness.  Some students even sported banana suits branded with the Fair Trade logo whilst speaking to the community.  Well done to the student council team, you are a credit to the school.

fairtrade faitrade2 fairtrade3