Year 11

Please come back to this section regularly. As current information for year 11 will be here.

Public Exams Summer 2019

Examination Instructions for Students at Hartsdown Academy

Exam timetable June 2019

  • Make sure that you know exactly when your exams are especially whether they are morning or afternoon. All dates and times can be found on your Individual Candidate Timetable. These will be sent home and handed out in tutor time, if you misplace these please come to the exams office for a replacement.
  • You can bring ALL the relevant equipment for each exam with you, but please make sure they are in a clear pencil case or plastic bag. The pens must be BLACK, and if you bring a calculator for a Maths exam it must not have a cover on it.
  • Please ensure you allow enough time to get to school so if you are delayed for any reason e.g. traffic, you will still arrive in good time.


Your exams will begin at the following times.

Morning exams: 9:00am

Afternoon exams: 1.30pm

You will NOT be entitled to any extra time, should you arrive late for any of your exams.  If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of any exam, Mrs Bobbett will decide whether you will be able to sit the exam.  The Exam Boards will have to be notified.

If you miss an exam you will NOT be able to do it again.  If you are ill and cannot take the exam, you MUST telephone the school immediately and leave a message for Mrs Bobbett in the examinations office 01843 227957. You MUST provide a sick note from your doctor.

If you do not have a genuine reason for missing an exam you will be charged £30 for that exam.


Wait quietly outside the exams hall and make sure you know where you are sitting from the seating plans in the display boards either in the Maths corridor or outside the exams hall. Once inside the room, Exam Board rules state that you MUST be silent.  If there is any communication between any students it will be assumed that you are cheating and will be treated accordingly.  You must not talk until you leave the exam room.

MOBILE PHONES and watches

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you not to have a mobile phone or watch on you during the exam Anyone caught with a mobile phone or watch, whether it is turned off or not will be severely reprimanded by the appropriate Exam Board.  You will be disqualified from that exam and possibly any other exams.

You are allowed to bring a clear bottle of drink into the exam room. However, you are NOT allowed to bring in the following items: Canned or cartons of drinks, chewing Gum, any other food

You are not allowed to leave the exam room even if you have finished your exam, so do not ask!

If you or your parents have any queries regarding your exams, you must forward it to the Exams Office.


We do hope that no fire alarms go off during the exam period, however if one does go off these instructions must be followed in COMPLETE SILENCE.

  • Should the fire alarm go off, firstly do not panic. Do not attempt to finish the sentence you are writing.
  • You will be asked to leave the room in silence and in the order that you are sitting. Leave all equipment in the exam room.
  • When you leave the room you MUST be at least one metre away from the students in front and behind you.
  • You will have to be kept separate from the rest of the school. You will be instructed by Mrs Bobbett where you should assemble.  Do not go to your usual assembly point.
  • When you return to your exam room, do not start writing until the invigilator tells you to do so.

Year 11 Mind Set

Are you a Year 11 student? Have you started your revision? Do you need some extra support? Then check out "The Mindset" from BBC Bitesize.

The Mind Set is a group of student coaches from a variety of academic and diverse backgrounds, who have all recently taken their exams and understand the pressures involved.

In a series of short films the students offer practical advice on topics such as How to get started and How to plan your revision through to mental wellbeing advice such as How to stay motivated and How to believe in yourself.

Visit the Mind Set website for free practical guides and motivational advice.


Year 11 Half-Term Revision

Although the summer exams in May and June seem a long way away, they do have a habit of sneaking up far quicker than any of us expect! Do not leave revision until the last minute which causes sleepless nights, last minute cramming and in many cases underperformance.

February half term revision offers dedicated time for students to have a boost in their revision schedule, taking off some of the pressure later and aiming for higher grades.

The timetable can be found below:


Science: 09.30 – 11.30.

Media: 10.00-12.00

Dance: 12.00 – 14.00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Winchmore Camp: Maths and English – 08.30 – 15.00


RE: 09.30 – 11.30

Sports Science: 10.00 – 15.00

Health and Social Care and Childcare: 09.00 – 12.30


UCA Easter School

Year 10 or 11

If you are planning on going to college or University to study a creative subject then the University of Creative Arts (UCA) has an amazing Easter school running, so you can start building up your portfolio.

The Easter Schools will run from Tuesday 3 April – Friday 6 April across all of their campuses.

As a partner school, Hartsdown Academy has been guaranteed three spaces for our students.

To find our further information about UCA's Easter Schools, and to apply for a place on one of our campuses, please click here. 

If you decide to apply, please let Miss Gipson, Mrs Rigden or your teacher know.