Mental Health and Wellbeing

Like adults young people often struggle with mental health. This can range from 'feeling low' to anxiety, depression and eating disorders. At Hartsdown we are committed to helping our children to:

  • Promote an environment where mental health can be talked about and where those with mental health issues are not discriminated against.
  • Learn how to keep mentally healthy
  • Understand what mental health is and how to talk about it
  • Support our children in getting the help they need

To do this we:

  • Trained 15 members of staff in Mental Health First Aid. This is a recognised course to train staff in how to spot mental health issues and to be able to support children/adults in their mental health.
  • Trained all staff in how to talk about mental health and understand the primary issues
  • Do annual assemblies on Mental Health
  • Teach wellbeing through our SUMO program
  • Teach wellbeing in PSHE/RE
  • Provide resources for parents, children and staff to talk about mental health