Please find below a list of staff by department for you to contact.

Your child, via the school email, has a full list of contacts. Please note we endeavour to answer all emails within two working days but this is not always possible.



Miss Ellie Hurley (Head of English)
Mrs Lauren Ovenden (2nd ic)
Ms Fay Henderson (EAL Lead)
Miss Hannah Kingsman (Literacy Coordinator)
Miss Holly
Mrs Lorraine
Mrs Charlotte
Miss Francesca
Mr Ricky
Miss Roghan
Miss Tina May (Literacy Intervention Facilitator)



Mrs Lisa Bourlet (Head of Maths)
Mrs Katarzyna Pelczar (2nd ic)
Mrs Kerry Coppin (Numeracy Coordinator)
Miss Emily
Mr Ryan
Ms Jessica
Mr Ricky
Mr Robert
Mr Tim Coppin (Maths Tutor)
Mr Jon Fenton (Maths Tutor)



Mrs Emma Britcher (Head of Science)
Mr Marc Taylor (2nd ic)
Mr Lewis
Mr Antony
Mr Tim
Mrs Hayley
Mr Jonathan
Mrs Samantha Glynn (Science Tutor)


Middle Years Programme

Mrs Hayley Santer (Head of Year 7 Numeracy Curriculum)
Miss Rebecca Fitzwilliam (Head of Year 7 Literacy Curriculum)
Mrs Kerry Coppin (Head of Year 8 Maths Curriculum)
Mr Connor Shenton (Head of Year 8 Literacy & Humanities Curriculum)



Mr Ben Smith (Head of PE)
Mr Ryan
Mr Jason
Mrs Toni
Mr Zac


Performing Arts

Mrs Stacie Pollard (Head of Performing Arts)
Mr Charlie



Mrs Sara Richardson (Head of Music)
Mr Charlie


Art and Media

Mrs Rachael Potter (Head of Art & Media)
Ms Tindara
Ms Carla



Mr Darren Stevenson (Head of Humanities)
Mr Matthew Axon (Head of History)
Mr Bill Blankley - History & Travel and
Mrs Lucy Reeve - Geography
Mr Connor Shenton -
Mr Chris Walters - RE and



Mrs Louise Olasemo (Food/Hospitality)


ICT/Business Studies

Mr Carwyn Mills (Head of ICT/Business Studies)
Mr Zac



Mrs Sue Goulder (Head of MFL)
Mrs Julie
Mr Darren


Vocational Studies

Mr Gary Squires (Head of Vocational Studies)


Social Sciences

Mr Paul Brickwood-Budd (Head of Social Services)
Mrs Charlie



Mrs Lynne Morris (Head of ARC)
Mrs Holly Smit (2nd ic)
Miss Siobhan McFadyen (SEN/AEN Manager for ARC)
Mr Tony Morris (Behaviour Manager for ARC)
Mrs Amanda
Mr Fred
Miss Emma